Why Technology won't replace Humans for Planning Destination Weddings

Destination weddings require the human touch. Even though one can go the DIY way, there will always be a need for soft-skilled, personalized services.

To best execute weddings abroad, it's imperative to have specialized knowledge of each destination. It's also crucial to have dependable local partners (photographers, florists, musicians, etc.), and familiarity with native language and culture. There are even more intangible needs that still require human interaction, such as last minute additions, managing expectations, and collaborating creatively with vendors like photographers, videographers, and makeup artists.

Our company is almost as much of a destination wedding planner as international events specialists.

We should be well-acquainted with a destination to suggest unique details that customers haven’t thought of, such as fire dancers or customized sand castles, to make the day extra-special.

For venues: Each resort has its own distinct personality and capabilities, so we try to help clients choose the right venue for their needs. When it comes to wedding packages, clients’ needs don’t always match the wedding package a resort offers. That’s where we come in: to negotiate, plan, and execute with the resort’s management.

Prior to partnering with any resort, we conduct ocular visits or actual overnight stays to “test drive” the hospitality quality and inspect amenities, experiencing them firsthand as a client would. Having confidence in a resort is a prerequisite to recommending it to our clients.

Time and stress solutions: At first sight (online), you may think you’ve found the right resort, but photos can be deceptive, as it may have been a long time since the property has been renovated. The destination's management may lack the capacity to efficiently host a wedding and its travel group--and what about vendors outside the hotel? Questions consistently come up, like: how soon can photographers arrive? Will they need to be compensated for food, travel, and lodging too?

Looking ahead: Travel tech will accentuate the work of travel agencies. 3D virtual tours of your chosen hotel selections, and the ability of customers to view hotels' rooms and amenities, will help us better present hotels for our best client. Also, AR (augmented reality) tech like Instant translation makes work for our non-language speaking staff much easier.

Nonetheless, destination wedding travel will always need a human component.