5 Practical Ways to Enhance your Tropical Trip Abroad

The saying, "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer," is anything but trite. Its truth lies in the difference between authentic travel and merely covering lots of ground. Here are five tips to enrich any tropical trip abroad.

1. Test your self-reliance. Things don’t always go as planned. How adaptable and flexible are you? This suggestion could be risky and flat out foolish to some travelers, but depending on the destination, try showing up without any accommodations booked. Spontaneity is a thrill in itself. Discover how resourceful you are, and you'll add to your sense of self. Upon your return, you'll notice a new respect for yourself that spills into other areas of your life. 

2. Break familiar routines. Most of us, maybe all, are born with an adventurous spirit, but we get used to the mundane and accept structure and everyday routines as the norm. Even when abroad You owe it to yourself to break out of that box now and again. Find something on the island or shoreline that makes you want to leap out of your usual beach chair. Why stay put all day, even if it is relaxing. Though some sunbathing is good, but you could be stationary anywhere.

3. Try a new watersport. Take a beginner's lesson in something you've always wanted to try. For example, scuba diving is like an instant form of meditation, guaranteed to take your mind off its usual concerns and focus only on what is before you. Who knows if your first lesson in kitesurfing will introduce you to your newest passion, or if parasailing just wasn’t for you. The point is to challenge yourself. You might also accidently find an untapped innateness for a watersport.

4. Travel with your partner. If you’re in a relationship, assumedly you will bring your partner along, right? You'll find out if he or she is the right fit for you. What happens when you two get caught out in the rain with no umbrella? What happens when you’re both cranky exhausted from the outdoor heat? Together, you'll encounter all kinds of challenges, and you'll be able to observe how your partner reacts. And, they'll see you under pressure and outside your comfort zone, too.

5. Learn useful foreign phrases. Although it's not imperative, learning a bit of the language lets you express your curiosity and interact with the locals, whether socializing in a bar, ordering in a restaurant, or asking for help from a driver or receptionist. Learning even basic terms such as hello, thank you, yes and no, will help you to be well received. Don't worry -- participation and effort bring their own rewards, even if your pronunciation is off. Bonus: your brain will love this new exercise.